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    Orange wallpapers - as refreshing as the fruit

    Create a cheerful room ambience with orange wallpapers from brands like livingwalls wallpapersMarburg wallpapers, Rasch wallpapersAS Creation wallpaper and Erismann wallpapers. For cheerful processing we also carry the suitable accessories for wallpapering and wallpaper removal. In case you want more unique styles, have a look at paint and painters' supplies to create your own thing.

    Energetic Glee with Wallpapers in Orange

    Orange wallpaper strikes with warm emanation and merry vibes. Orange is the mixture of energetic red and yellow glee. Is your wallpaper orange, it will have a positive impact on your optimism and refresh your spirits. Walls in orange spur spontaneity, lust for life, willingness for adventure, inspire to more confidence and independence. Many recoil from a wall decoration in orange, in fear of the colour being too present and imposing. But in combination with wooden furniture, orange wallpaper radiates warmth and cosiness. Plus, it doesn't have to be a vibrant neon orange. Red orange, brown orange, terracotta or apricot are also wonderful orange tones that are less obtrusive. Combine orange wallpaper with black to create obvious contrasts and put emphasis on particular areas. With regard to orange, a lot of styles are possible. The OREX wallpaper assortment ranges from Mediterranean designs, over colourful jungle interpretations and retro motifs to floral designs. From extravagant and exotic to close-to-earth, calm forms. Since orange walls are likely to spike one's appetite, orange wallpapers are especially suited for dining areas and kitchens. Be brave and fetch the motivating impact of orange wallpapers for your home!