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    Wallpapers in red, burgundy, crimson...

    Passionate red wallpapers in different shades of the powerful colour come from popular manufacturers like Erismann wallpapers, Marburg wallpapers, Rasch wallpapersAS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapers and Architect Papers wallpapers. Have a look at the OREX accessory assortment for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for further wall styles. Which red wallpaper expresses your emotions best?

    Red Wallpapers - Sensuous and Powerful Designs

    Red wallpaper carries warmth, positivity, energy and passion. The variety of this colour ranges from brown red, burgundy, signal red up to red orange or almost rose-coloured. The consistently very present colour red is worth consideration for natural motifs, oriental designs, baroque ornaments or graphic styles. Red wallpapers are know for their stimulating effect and often are used in restaurants or dining areas to stimulate appetite. In bedrooms red walls may express great passion, but be aware of sleep depriving effects due to the rise of your energy level. In living rooms, on the other hand, red wallpapers exude a positive energy. The warm colouration represents vitality and activity, donates physical and mental power. Red is often associated to be the colour of love - red walls express romantic love as much as familial love. Is your wallpaper red, it usually is a striking wall decoration that arouses attention. We advise to make moderate use of red wall coverings and mainly use them to accentuate particular areas. Too much red on walls can lead to stress and irritation. A good possibility to use the positive effects of red without overwhelming is to mix it with additional colours for harmonious, cheerful accentuations or visible edges. Patterns or wallpaper borders can also dampen the overpowering threat of red wallpapers. In combination with gold, you will create elegant interior decorations. Explore your favourite red wallpaper design in the OREX wallpaper shop!