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    Wallpapers in golden extravagance

    Warm and powerful - golden wallpapers bring a charming gloss into your living spaces. Find glittering wallpaper designs from Erismann wallpapers, Marburg wallpapers and Rasch wallpapers to AS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapers and Architect Papers wallpapers. The OREX product range also offers all necessary accessories for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for further colourful walls.

    Golden Wallpaper - shiny elegance for your home

    Golden wallpaper conveys a certain elegance and superiority, but may also cater for a boisterous mood. The golden colour often is connected to success and prosperity. The association of wealth, luxury, quality and value was carried all through history. Winners receive gold medals or golden trophies. So in case you see yourself as a winner, a golden wallpaper is just perfect for your interior decoration! Gold is also linked to energy and the power of the sun which contributes to a warm room climate. Is the wallpaper golden or features only golden decorations, there is a totally different effect once more. In general gold arouses attention and turns your walls into real eye-catchers. Combine gold with violet to create the impression of nobility. Gold needs a lot of space to fully unfurl its effect. But nowadays less is usually more, so you don't create the impression of a complacent pursuit of power which makes you appear unlikable. So the golden rule (ha!) for golden wallpapers is to keep it moderate to set them up as a highlight and for special effects. Impress with golden wallpapers in combination with additional colours such as burgundy or navy blue to dampen down the effect a notch. Fetch the fascination of the Far East with a mix of gold and striking red, distinct saffron-yellow or royal blue. A warm gold makes the impression of sunlight and is glinting especially neat in well-lit rooms. Get carried away by the golden shimmer and find your favourite golden wallpaper. Unleash your creativity in combining gold with additional colours and various designs for your individual interior decoration. Express passion, success and positivity with golden wallpapers!