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    Gold wallpaper - a touch of luxury for your walls

    Experience how you can add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home with gold wallpaper from OREX. Our collection of gold wallpapers offers you an exquisite selection that will transform any room into a stylish oasis. Our gold wallpapers are artistic masterpieces that will transform your walls into stunning art galleries. The colour palette ranges from soft champagne to deep gold, adding a sense of warmth and glamour to a room. Whether you want a full wall design or just accents, our gold wallpapers offer the perfect solution to give your home a personalised and luxurious feel. Be inspired by the elegance of gold and transform your living spaces into elegant retreats that exude style and comfort with wallpaper from OREX! 

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    Discover the variety of gold wallpaper at OREX 

    With us, you'll find gold wallpaper in a wide range of styles and patterns. Whether you're looking for a wallpaper in gold that impresses with simple elegance or one that sets accents with exciting patterns - you'll find it at OREX. Our collection includes, among other things: 

    • Wallpaper in golden yellow: perfect for a classy and clear room design. 
    • Wallpaper in gold glitter: Impressive look.
    • Wallpaper in golden brown and golden beige: These colours are ideal for creating warmth and cosiness.
    • Wallpaper with gold glitter: A stylish option to bring a lot of glamour into the home.

    Each non-woven wallpaper from our collection is characterised by its unique design and unmistakable sheen, giving your room a special touch.

    Golden wallpaper - more than just a wall covering 

    The golden wallpapers in our range are more than just a wall covering - they are real works of art. With their versatile patterns and colour combinations, our wallpapers offer a range of design options:

    • Fascinating effects: Our golden wallpapers offer fascinating light effects that vary depending on the incidence of light and create a unique atmosphere.
    • High-quality materials: We use non-woven as a base material, which is known for its durability and ease of use. Non-woven wallpapers are also robust and durable.
    • Diverse styles: Whether classic, modern or nature-inspired, our collection covers every style.

    With wallpaper in gold from OREX, you can give your rooms an exclusive character and impress every visitor with your sense of style and elegance.

    Buy wallpaper in gold and other colours at OREX

    Ordering your gold wallpaper from OREX is child's play. With just a few clicks, you can select the desired roll and calculate the amount you need for your room. Discover other wallpapers in individual colours in our online shop, such as

    We offer you a user-friendly ordering process for your convenient online purchase with the following advantages:

    • Fast delivery directly to your home,
    • free shipping for wallpapers, and
    • dedicated customer service to answer any questions you may have.

    Discover the world of golden wallpapers at OREX now and transform your rooms into a stylish retreat!