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    Natural flair with green wallpapers

    Freshness and positive energy come into your home with green wallpapers from brands like Marburg wallpapers, Rasch wallpapers and AS Creation wallpapers, as well as Erismann wallpaperslivingwalls wallpapers and Architect Papers wallpapers. In case you also need tool or want to give your walls an even more personal touch, browse the OREX product range for all necessary accessories for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies.

    Green Wallpapers Bring Hope And Optimism

    Green wallpaper unites the mental clarity and optimism of yellow wallpapers with the emotional serenity and insight of blue wallpaper to a energetic, fresh wall colour. Green sums up harmony and balance and always conveys a hint of nature. Green is a colour of growth, the spring and brings back spent energy into the cycle. Is the wallpaper green, the walls provide a feeling of safety and connectivity. Wallpapers in green often feature botanical motifs like jungle designs, tropical wallpaper designs with large leaf motifs or with floral arrangements. But you will also find graphic wallpaper motifs with impressive effects. As colour of hope, green wallpapers add to a positive atmosphere in your living spaces and support a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Just like nature itself, green wallpapers come in various shades like mint, spring green, grass green, moss green, olive green, fir green and dark green. Classic wall designs come with tartar looks in multiple green tones - imagine that in your library - so cosy! The best thing about green wall decoration is, that it wants to delight but doesn't expect a reward. Green can stand for its own or combined with additional colours. Create your preferred ambience with green wallpaper, whether it is a calming forest atmosphere, a refreshing garden scenery or a jungle adventure. Set up a balanced room atmosphere full of vitality with wallpapers in green!