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    Wallpaper in silver - discover wallpaper with sophistication 

    The use of wallpaper in silver in interior design goes far beyond the simple idea of shiny or glittering wall coverings. Not only do these wallpapers offer a range of shades from grey to blue, but they also feature a variety of textures and effects ranging from matt to high gloss. Browse through our selection and find high-quality non-woven wallpaper in silver. Order now at OREX! 

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    Metallic and glitter wallpaper, plaster look, metal look and more - wallpaper in silver for your home 

    The selection of silver wallpapers includes more than the usual variants with glitter effects: from floral baroque ornaments and tendril patterns to graphic designs and industrial plaster looks, wallpapers in silver offer an impressive range of designs. 

    This variety makes it possible to create unique and appealing wall designs with silver wallpaper. It not only visually enlarges rooms, but also gives them more depth and texture. 

    Wallpaper in colour combinations with silver and other tones 

    The use of silver wallpaper in wall design, whether as the main colour or in combination with other shades, opens up a world of possibilities and effects: 

    • In combination with light blue tones, a cool, metallic room feeling is created.  
    • A combination of black and silver promises mystical elegance
    • Pink and silver can create a more feminine look with a certain glamour.  
    • For a more masculine touch, silver can be combined with grey and green.  

    These colour combinations make it possible to create harmonious gloss effects and give every room an individual flair. With the right choice of pattern and wallpaper design, you can achieve an extraordinary wall design that significantly characterises and enriches the character of a room.  

    If you want to design your walls with beautiful wallpaper in silver, you've come to the right place. Order metallic wallpaper in silver at OREX now! 

    Order wallpaper in silver and other colours from market-leading manufacturers 

    Regardless of whether you have opted for non-woven wallpaper in silver, pink, beige or another colour - at OREX you will only find wallpapers from renowned brands such as: 

    Opt for modern designs and impeccable quality. Order wallpaper in silver at OREX now! 

    Discover the unbeatable OREX benefits 

    As an OREX customer, you enjoy the advantage of a wide range of renovation supplies and excellent customer service

    Our FAQ & Help section provides numerous answers to frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions about our products or your order process, you can contact us at any time using our digital contact form. We will process your enquiry as quickly as possible and get back to you as soon as possible. 

    We also offer you: 

    • Fast shipping within Germany. 
    • Various payment options such as PayPal or direct debit. 

    Do you need more help with wallpaper? In our wallpaper guide you will find answers to the entire ordering process as well as great instructions for beginners and professionals with valuable tips and tricks. Find your wallpaper in silver now and order it at OREX!