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    Wallpapers in multiple shades of grey

    Grey wallpapers make a lot of different styles possible. Browse various designs by brands like Erismann wallpapers, Marburg wallpapers or Rasch wallpapers and also take a look at AS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapers and Architect Papers wallpapers for your perfect style idea at home. For wallpapering and wallpaper removal, OREX also offers the suitable tools as well as paint and painters' supplies for personal style ideas.

    Grey Wallpapers - shape shifting all-rounder

    Grey wallpapers are especially popular. Grey is not only restrained and adaptable, but can also be implemented in a broad variety of design preferences. Grey wallpapers easily support the trendy industrial style. Even more so if the wallpaper offers a concrete look or plaster optic. Grey practically moves into the background to leave lots of space for design ideas and colour preferences in the furniture and decoration department. But be careful, too much grey without any patterns or hints of colour can suppress your energy and transport a feeling of isolation. On the other hand grey is the perfect basis for new creations. The mix with additional colours and patterns ensure that your rooms don't get too conservative, neutral or boring. Especially the combination of grey and yellow in different tones is absolutely trendy. Section off parts of the room or set up a breach of style to put an emphasis on particular areas. Grey in combination with black gives each room a serious or urban flair. Red elements add a dash of colour that carries a certain elegance. White and grey show smoother edges, but still aims for big effects. The neutral background colour of grey is absolute advantageous for people who like to redecorate on a regular basis as your aren't tied to just one colour scheme. The timeless aspect of grey walls ensure that you don't get tired looking at your walls and inspire you to always new combinations and decorating ideas. Go for the used look, industrial style or vintage styles with grey wallpaper. Just as easy to implement as baroque wallpaper designs in varying shades of grey or with a contrasting colour to create your own castle. Wooden optics are also available as stone optic wallpapers which add a natural flair to your home. Silver metallic effects set up interesting plays of light, so you can stage certain parts of your room. You might have noticed that grey wallpaper is a pure shapeshifter, you just have to decide for yourself which style, intensity and combination your favourite is.