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    Wallpapers in all-white, off-white, eggshell, creme-white ...

    Absolute all-rounder: white wallpapers are the perfect base for all interior decoration ideas. Check out the selection of white wallpapers from AS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapers and Erismann wallpapers, Marburg wallpapers and Rasch wallpapers to find the right wall covering for yourself. The OREX wallpaper shop also offers tools for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies in case you want to add colour to your white wallpapers for individual styles. 

    White Wallpapers - freedom for room decoration

    White wallpapers are the classic design of unobtrusive wall decoration. Unobtrusive does not equal boring though: clear contrasts, a sense of purity and cleanliness are enabled by white wallpapers. Just like a blank canvas, you can decorate rooms covered with white wallpapers, in your favourite styles without any concerns about mismatching colours. But with any other colouration, there are differences in the colour range, patterns and textures. The colour tones of white range from all-white, egg shell, creme-white, off-white, alabaster and brilliant white. Bring brightness into your living spaces with white wallpaper and stretch your rooms optically. Is your wallpaper white, you can easily set up contrasts and boosting effects, glitter and gloss also add to the atmosphere. White transports clarity and order which releases new energy. Snow white walls without any colour accentuation may appear sterile and lonely which conveys as certain bleakness. So the real knack is to find the right balance between safety and sterility. Patterned wallpapers reduce the danger of sterile walls a fair bit already. Silver details of graphic designs or creme-white baroque ornaments create an entirely different atmosphere than stone optics, plaster optics or tile optics. The link of a colour and white strengthen the design, but tone in tone motifs can set up friendly atmospheres as well. White walls aren't just timeless but also convenient. Especially handy are wall coverings that can be painted over. This way new interior decorations can be created without wallpapering again. Check out our paintable wallpapers for inspiration. The pattern of those wallpapers appears differently depending on the colour used. So the best characteristic of white wallpapers is the adaptability in connection with coloured decorations, furniture and home textiles. Implement new interior decoration ideas easily with unobtrusive wallpapers in white - explore your possibilities with wallpapers of the OREX wallpaper shop!