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    Colourful wallpaper for every room: ideas for the perfect design 

    Fancy a change in your home? Then colourful wallpapers are a great option to conjure up new energy in your rooms. Colourful wallpapers have been back in fashion for a few years now. Colour is an important part of our environment and has a strong influence on our mood and well-being. Colourful wallpapers can help you to shape the atmosphere in your home and create a positive mood. Find out more about the numerous colourful wallpapers from OREX here!

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    Colourful wallpaper: An eye-catcher for every room

    Colourful wallpapers are available in countless colours, patterns and designs. So you can choose them according to your personal preferences. Here are the most important things you should know before buying: 

    • Material: Colourful wallpapers are available in different materials, such as non-woven, paper or vinyl. Non-woven wallpapers are particularly easy to wallpaper and robust.
    • Colour: Colourful wallpapers bring colour into your home. You can choose them either in a single colour or in a colourful pattern.
    • Pattern: Colourful wallpapers with graphics and patterns are a great way to give your room an individual look. There is a wide range of different patterns to choose from, such as floral motifs, geometric patterns or abstract designs. 
    • Design: Colourful wallpapers are available in different designs. You can choose plain, patterned or with photo motifs.

    Colourful wallpapers for living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms 

    Colourful wallpapers are suitable for every room. In the bedroom they create a relaxed atmosphere, in the living room they put you in a good mood and in the children's room they are a real eye-catcher. Here are a few specific examples:

    • Bedroom: Colourful wallpapers with floral motifs or soft pastel shades are suitable for a romantic bedroom.
    • Living room: In the living room, you can create a modern look with colourful wallpaper with patterns or photo motifs. 
    • Children's room: Colourful wallpapers with childlike motifs are a real eye-catcher in the children's room.

    Non-woven wallpaper offers a practical and durable solution, while photo wallpapers with impressive motifs transform any room into a different world. Whether you're looking for striped wallpaper or floral wallpaper, you can personalise your room with a wide range of colours and patterns. Stripes, flowers or photorealistic motifs - each variant has its own charm.

    Buy colourful wallpapers and more at OREX 

    Colourful wallpapers are ideal for setting accents and giving your home a personal touch. At OREX, you'll find a wide range of colours, patterns and designs, so you're sure to find the perfect wallpaper for your home. Also discover wallpapers in other colours, such as:

    Enjoy the benefits of our free delivery for wallpaper within Germany, secure payment options and fast delivery. Dive into the world of colourful wallpapers on OREX and find the perfect design for your home!