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    Wallpapers with multiple colours

    Colourful wallpaper designs come in a lot of different styles. Find all our popular brands for multicoloured wallpapers here whether it is AS Creation wallpapers, Erismann wallpapers, Marburg wallpapers or livingwalls wallpapers, Architect Papers wallpapers, Rasch wallpapers or one of many more. The OREX product range also offers all necessary accessories for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for additional room decorations. 

    Multi-Coloured wallpapers - merry wall coverings

    Colourful wallpapers can be gaudy and flashy - but not necessarily. Some wallpapers in this category simply unite multiple colours into a single wall covering. Those multicoloured wallpapers cannot be assigned to a single category but are to be found right here. Many patterned wallpapers - may they be striped, dotted, in ethnic-look or with abstract shapes, retro patterns or nature motifs - gather multiple colours for one impressive mural. So if the wallpaper is colourful, it might bring unease and divert from furniture or accessories. But if implemented skilfully, multicoloured wallpaper can be an absolute highlight on your walls and be the eye-catcher of your room. Wallpapers with multiple colours transport joy of life and contribute to a cheerful atmosphere. Maybe you even want to put focus on a particular area of your room with multicoloured wallpaper or separate a room optically. Create themed havens with colourful wallpaper!