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    Wallpapers in black, anthracite, black-brown...

    Black wallpapers for mysterious room decorations are to be found by all brand manufacturers of the OREX assortment. From AS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapers and Architect Papers wallpapers to Erismann wallpapers, Marburg wallpapers and Rasch wallpapers. The OREX product range also offers helpful tools for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for additional and individual wall designs.

    Mystical and cloaking - wallpapers in black

    Black wallpaper turns your living spaces into something hidden and mysterious. Black walls can assist protecting yourself from emotional stress, but should be used with caution. Too much black not only crushes the room but also your mood. Patterned wallpapers are one way to reduce the dark power a bit. Stone optics, textured wallpaper designs, baroque elements and floral patterns - just as with any other colouration, there is a broad range of choices. Black wallpapers express a certain dominance and independence, which can also appear distant and unfriendly. So it is important to choose the right mix of colours, patterns, furniture and decoration. The black colour range stretches from anthracite, brown black, purple black, grey black, or pitch-black. You can set up impressive contrasts with wallpapers in black. White or silver bring the most visible contrasts while the combination with grey is less obvious, but not less impressive. Splashes of colour in red or yellow are an absolute eye-catcher on otherwise black wallpaper. Be careful with black wallpapers around children areas as black often represents the unknown, dark, evil and frightening. So the real knack is to find the balance between protecting abilities, elegance and mystery with black walls. Glitter and gloss effects can dampen the negative effects of black wall covers as it is beautifully staged with the right light setting. Black wallpapers can appear as opposing as no other wall colour. Depending on combination, room and set up, black walls can have confident or daunting effects, an elegant or threatening appearance. Get carried away by the diversity and adaptability of black wallpaper!