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    Brown wallpaper for every home

    Brown wallpaper is a fantastic way to enhance a home and create a cosy atmosphere. Colour plays a crucial role in interior design, and brown stands for relaxation and earthiness. Whether you like classic designs or modern interior styles, brown wallpapers offer something for everyone. Find out more about the many possibilities offered by brown wallpaper and find out how you can give your home a new splendour with the beautiful wallpapers from OREX!

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    Wallpaper in brown variants for even more cosiness

    Brown wallpapers create an atmosphere of cosiness and can also make a strong design statement. From soft light brown to cappuccino shades and intense dark brown, the range of brown colours is as diverse as nature itself. With brown wallpaper, you can set accents or transform your entire room into an oasis of well-being. Wallpaper designs with the following shades of brown are suitable for creative wall design with brown tones:

    • Noisette,
    • Dark brown,
    • coffee brown,
    • mocha,
    • chestnut brown or
    • cognac brown.

    Although brown primarily conveys a feeling of closeness to nature, it can also enrich modern and classic rooms in various shades.

    Brown wallpapers offer numerous advantages for the design of your wall, especially as non-woven wallpapers. They are both visually appealing and practical to use. The non-woven wallpaper rolls are robust and easy to work with. When wallpapering, you only need to brush the paste onto the wall and the wallpaper panels can be applied directly without soaking time.

    Brown as a colour in the living room and bedroom: a feeling of security

    Brown wallpapers create an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness, especially in rooms such as the living room and bedroom. Their earthy tones can be both calming and inviting. A brown wallpaper mural can also create an impressive visual effect and become the centrepiece of the room. Discover our versatile collections of brown wallpapers at OREX!

    Skilfully combine brown wallpaper - this is how trendy living works

    Brown non-woven wallpapers are an expression of elegance and warmth and can give your home a modern yet cosy atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to combine brown wallpapers to great effect:

    • Contrast with light-coloured furniture: Use light-coloured pieces of furniture such as sofas or chairs in cream or white to create an appealing contrast.
    • Metallic accents: Decorations in gold, brass or copper complement the warm brown tones perfectly and give the room a sophisticated touch.
    • Natural materials: Wooden furniture or accessories made from natural fibres such as jute and rattan enhance the earthy feel and bring out the natural beauty of the brown wallpaper.
    • Set colour accents: Colours such as blue, green or red in cushions, rugs or artwork are great contrasts and are particularly effective against brown wallpaper.

    Contrasting elements with brown wall paper create a lively and varied overall look. Light-coloured furniture looks particularly good in combination with dark brown tones such as chocolate or mocha. Metallic accents can be used in the form of lamps, vases, mirrors or pictures. Natural materials look particularly harmonious in combination with warm brown tones such as caramel or honey.

    Buy brown wallpapers online at OREX

    Brown wallpapers offer a wide range of design options. In our online shop at OREX you will find a wide range of wallpapers in shades of brown. Also discover wallpaper designs in other colours, such as:

    Benefit from the following advantages with your orders:

    • Sample service: We offer you the opportunity to request samples of our wallpapers so you can be sure to make the perfect choice.
    • Secure payment: Choose your favourite payment option and complete your purchase in just a few clicks.
    • Inspiration and advice: Our website offers many more tips on how to best design your rooms with wallpaper.

    Conjure up calm, elegance and warmth in your home and choose stylish wallpaper in brown from OREX!