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    Brown wallpapers from chocolate to cognac

    Give your walls a chocolatey touch with brown wallpapers. The earthy colour tone offers various shades for multiple design ideas. Find your favourite room colour from AS Creation wallpapersArchitect Papers wallpapers or Erismann wallpapersMarburg wallpapers and Rasch wallpapers as well as livingwalls wallpapers also present warm wall coverings. The OREX product range also offers all necessary accessories for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for further decorative designs.

    Wallpapers in brown - the power of earthy tones

    Brown wallpapers bring a down-to-earth warmth into your home. Wallpapers in brown appear respectable and convey stability and support. The friendly and open aura exuded by brown walls, spreads to all residents. As we all know, brown can be made of multiple colours and comes in many shades. Dark brown, noisette, mocha, chestnut, cognac or sand up to light tones of brown that are almost beige. The colour brown is connected with a sense of truth. Establish an oasis of serenity and comfort with brown wallpapers in various shades, patterns and textures. Connect with Mother Earth and relish in the distance to a stressful daily routine. Despite the great earthing and calming impact, brown does not impose or push itself to the fore. Mix brown and green - the predominant terrestrial colours of our planet - for a close-to-nature-home. The touch with nature is often resembled in the wallpaper designs. Stone optic wallpapers appear realistic with bricks, animal skin replicas seem to come right off the animal and also wooden wallpapers and botanic motifs often come in brown colours. Even baroque elements come in shades of brown and impress in combination with metallic effects. Combine brown wallpapers with additional colours and get carried away by their aura. Experience the feelgood factor of brown walls and lean back trustingly!