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Unusual photo wallpapers for your home

Great that you are interested in photo wallpapers from our online shop. We have a large selection of designer wallpapers that you can combine individually to give your home that certain extra touch. Browse our wide range of wallpapers and discover our large selection of unique and distinctive photo wallpapers. Add your desired photo wallpaper to the shopping basket now and transform your home into your own personal oasis of well-being. Buy photomurals online now!

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Photo wallpapers and designer wallpapers from well-known wallpaper brands

In our online shop, you'll find a wide range of wall murals for young and old. Add photorealistic accents to your living room, bedroom or children's room and make children's eyes light up. Whether it's a lovingly designed room with animals or fantasy worlds or a room with calming forest motifs, we are sure to have something for every taste of your child and for you. Wallcoverings that you find at OREX are of the highest quality and are produced to thehighest standards. They are durable and easy to apply, so you can enjoy your photo wallpaper for a very long time.

One of the reasons why photo wallpapers are so popular with our customers is that they are a simple and effective way to quickly and easily make any room in your home unique. You can use them to give your walls a new look without having to do any painting or extensive redecorating. Browse our wallpaper portfolio and discover well-knownwallpaper brands such as Erismann, Rasch, Marburg wallpapers and many more. Each of these brands has its own style and offers a wide range of designs, colours, patterns and motifs, so you'll have no trouble finding the perfect wallpaper for your home.

Click through our range of photo wallpapers now and find the perfect mural to add that special touch to your home. We look forward to welcoming you to OREX. Order your wall mural now with just a few clicks!

Discover a large selection of photo wallpapers online at OREX

A photo wallpaper creates highlights in your living space. Large-format motifs in photorealistic designs decorate your walls in an impressive way. A 3D photo wallpaper creates an extraordinary sense of space and can visually expand your rooms. If the photo wallpaper shows nature and forest motifs, you almost feel as if you are outside instead of inside your own four walls. If the photo wallpaper is black and white, you have the option of creating cool urban designs. If you want the photo wallpaper to decorate your bedroom, the following calming and exuberant motifs are ideal:

  • Flowers & plants
  • Forest motifs
  • Landscapes & panoramas
  • Palm trees & sea
  • Forest & meadows
  • Wellness

These motifs are not too exciting and ensure a restful night's sleep. If the photo wallpaper is intended to enhance a child's room, we have a large selection of Disney murals, animal motifs and playful designs in our range. Discover motifs from:

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Tinkerbell the fairy
  • Finding Nemo
  • Princess Cinderella
  • and many more

Can I set the scene in the living room with wall murals? Of course. Photo wallpapers in numerous designs can impress in living and dining areas.

  • Big city flair
  • industrial style
  • romantic floral designs

Set no limits to your creativity and combine our photo wallpapers however you feel like it. Order forest motifs and other motif wallpapers online at OREX now!

Discover photo wallpapers and many other types of wallpaper online at OREX

As an OREX customer, you will receive a large portfolio of wallpapers as well as useful painting supplies. You can also take advantage of attractive benefits from the very first wallpaper order:

  • Request our low-cost sample dispatch and receive a sample of your desired wallpaper delivered to your home without any obligation.
  • Your wallpaper order will be delivered to your home free of charge within Germany.
  • Also discover our wallpaper guide. Here you'll find useful tips and tricks and simple wallpapering instructions.

Order photo wallpapers quickly and easily online at OREX now!