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    Industrial look photo wallpaper - factory meets style 

    Minimalist and yet very impressive - that's what characterizes the industrial look. You can easily bring this modern style into your own four walls: with photo wallpaper in an industrial look. Skilfully set the scene in your rooms and create the feeling of living in a big city. Discover the high-quality photo wallpapers from OREX to live in a stylish loft in no time at all. Order your industrial look wall mural online now at! 

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    Industrial charm with non-woven wallpaper in an industrial look 

    When it comes to interior design, the industrial look has been a popular trend for some time now. The style is based on the aesthetics of old factories and workshops and is achieved through the use of rough materials such as brick, metal and concrete as well as the use of industrial-look furniture and decorations. A wall mural with an industrial motif can give your room a unique touch and make it stand out from ordinary living spaces. 

    Examples include images of old factories, rusted metal gates and doors or bare concrete walls. An industrial look wall mural is usually in dark tones and gives your home a raw yet elegant charm. 

    Advantages of an industrial look photo wallpaper 

    There are numerous advantages to an industrial look wall mural. Here are some of them:

    • Unique design: A photo wallpaper with an industrial look definitely stands out and stands out from other designs. The raw aesthetic of the industrial look is particularly stylish and is sure to make an impression on visitors. 
    • Easyto apply: Non-woven wallpapers are easy to apply and can be a quick and inexpensive way to breathe new life into a room. They can also help to hide uneven walls or other imperfections. This can be a cost-effective alternative to plastering or painting walls

    The great thing is that, depending on the motif, the wallpaper doesn't have to be applied exactly to size, as this is what makes the imperfect look so perfect.  

    Discover the look of great artists and bring the charm of the big city into your home. Order your industrial-look photo wallpaper online now! 

    Tips for interior design with an industrial-look photo wallpaper 

    Rough with bricks, concrete or metal elements - the industrial look is not for the faint-hearted. In terms of color, the photomurals in this style tend to be in shades of grey, brown or anthracite. Combine them with furniture that has a little more color and you have great accents that create a harmonious ambience of a big city. 

    Factory charm is generally associated with rather rough and sparse characteristics. When choosing the right furniture, metal shelves or a coffee table made of wood and metal, for example, are ideal for creating a harmonious overall look. Black metal elements with golden accents, for example - whether the bed, a table or even a lamp - are predestined for this modern look. 

    Industrial-look photomurals and much more at

    In addition to the industrial charm, discover matching additions and combinations of high-quality photo wallpapers, including motifs such as:

    Complete your own personal style with realistic photo designs and bring that loft feeling into your home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to helping you with our expertise.  

    When ordering wallpaper at OREX, you can also benefit from our free shipping within Germany for wallpapers and our fast delivery times. Buy your industrial-look photo wallpaper online at now!