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    Wall murals with graphic and geometric patterns 

    Modern, straightforward and yet playful and relaxed: photo wallpapers with graphic and geometric shapes offer all of this. Choose your desired wallpaper from many different designs and create a great effect in your rooms. Whether abstract art or clear lines, with geometric patterns you can bring different dimensions to your walls and create real eye-catchers. Discover our large selection of non-woven wallpapers with great graphic and geometric motifs online at OREX! 

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    Graphic wallpaper - right on trend with geometry 

    Photo wallpapers with graphic and geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to enhance a room and give it a modern, trendy flair. Each design and color has its own unique effect on the room and therefore on us. Find out here how you can change or influence the ambience in your home with graphic wallpaper. 

    Square patterns 

    Square patterns on photomurals can be very versatile and range from simple, symmetrical patterns to complex designs with multiple layers. Square patterns are particularly well suited to modern spaces as they have clean, straight lines and a neat structure. Square patterns can also have a calming effect, making them ideal forbedrooms or relaxation rooms. Another way to use square patterns is to use them in unusual color combinations to spice up a room and give it a touch of extravagance. 

    Circular patterns 

    Circular patterns on photomurals can have very different effects depending on the size and choice of color. Small circles in pastel colors, for example, can create a calming, gentle atmosphere, while large, bold circles in vibrant colors can add dynamism and energy to a room. Circular patterns are also well suited to rooms where people gather, such as living rooms or dining rooms, as they can create a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere. Depending on the arrangement and color, wallpapers with circles also have a certain retro flair. 

    Triangular patterns 

    Triangular patterns on photomurals can look very lively and dynamic and are therefore ideal for rooms where energy and movement are desired, such as fitness rooms or offices. They can also create visual depthand visually enlarge the space by creating an optical illusion. Triangular patterns can be designed in different sizes and colors to create a variety of effects, from eye-catching, contrasting designs to subtle, tonal patterns. 

    Trapezoid patterns 

    Trapezoid patterns on photomurals can be very creative and unusual, making them ideal for spaces that require an artistic or abstract feel, such as galleries or creative workspaces. Trapezoidal patterns can also create a dynamic effect by drawing the viewer's eye in a certain direction or creating an optical illusion that enlarges or reduces the space. Another advantage of trapezoidal patterns is that they combine well with other shapes and patterns to create an interesting, multi-dimensional design. 

    Endless possibilities with graphics and geometric shapes on photomurals  

    Use the power of geometry to create unique looks in your home. With geometric patterns, you have both abstract figures and clear lines at your disposal. Use them to create, for example 

    • modern looks in combination with straight-lined, plain-colored furniture, 
    • the popular Scandinavian look together with cozy textiles or 
    • a playful Art Deco style with warm colors and soft shapes. 

    Be bold and create an eye-catcher in your home.

    Order graphic wallpapers and much more at OREX

    Discover our large selection of photo wallpapers in many different designs for your home or office in our online store, including Industrial look

    With OREX, you are choosing an experienced supplier of high-quality products. If you decide to place an order in our store, you will benefit from advantages such as free shipping within Germany for wallpapers, fast delivery and competent customer support if you have specific questions. Order your photomurals with graphic and geometric patterns online at OREX now!