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    Photomurals as a work of art on your walls 

    Have you always wanted to give your home a very special look? Then you should definitely take a look at these fantastic art photo wallpapers. Cover a room in beautiful designs in no time at all and bring a piece of culture into your home. Choose the right design for you from the different types of art and amaze your visitors. Order your photo wallpaper with artwork online now!  

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    Bring culture into your home - with photo wallpaper featuring works of art 

    When we talk about bringing art to our walls, most of us probably think of framed paintings or posters with well-known works by van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet and co. But there is a much more interesting way to decorate your rooms with art - with photo wallpapers that depict beautiful works of art. Give your rooms an ambience that resembles a museum. 

    Our art wallpaper murals are a great way to add art to the entire wall. Piece by piece, your desired motif unfolds with ease. Whether it's just one specific wall or the entire room - there should be no limits to your design freedom. Discover different styles and painting techniques, such as 

    • Modern art 
    • Classic flower arrangements 
    • Exotic motifs 
    • Abstract art 
    • pop art 
    • artistic mandala designs and  
    • watercolors 

    There is something for every taste here. Play with the colors, show your sense of style and dare to bring extravagant works of art to your walls. Order your photo wallpaper with artwork online now! 

    Tips for choosing top-quality art photomurals  

    Before you decide on a motif for your art wallpaper mural, you should bear a few points in mind:

    • Pay attention to the choice of motif or color: Does it match your furnishings? If you choose a colorful wallpaper and have relatively colorful furniture at the same time, the overall constellation can be a bit overwhelming.  
    • Measure the wall size correctly: It is important that your chosen artwork fits your intended wall and is not distorted or cut off. The height and width should therefore match the picture. 
    • Consider the room size: If the room you have chosen is relatively small, a rather light-colored motif is a good choice. Dark colors and strong patterns make the room look smaller. 

    Order photomurals with artwork and many other styles at OREX

    Discover our huge portfolio of wallpaper designs from many different top manufacturers and designers such as A.S. Création, Rasch or livingwalls and create a true masterpiece in your home. In addition to our great photo wallpapers with artwork, you will find many other styles in our range, such as  

    Convince yourself of the high quality of our products and benefit from their durability. Whether living room, kitchen, study or bedroom - let your home shine in new splendor. Order your artistic non-woven wallpaper online at OREX now!