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    Unusual photo wallpapers - pure extravagance 

    Bring timeless elegance or colorful accents into your home - with extraordinary photo wallpapers in many different designs. Discover unusual patterns, great rich colors and impressive effects in our range that you can bring to your walls in no time at all. Whether it's an entire room or just one wall, our unusual photo wallpapers never fail to impress. Discover our selection of extraordinary photo wallpapers on now! 

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    Unusual photo wallpapers - eye-catching, colorful, decorative 

    Do you dare to bring more color into your home? Skilfully set the scene for entire rooms or just certain areas by using unusual photo wallpapers. Either to match the furniture or, on the contrary, as a contrast to subtle pieces of furniture, you can spice up the living ambience with juicy deep colors or unusual patterns. Discover here, among other things: 

    • geometric shapes on a black marble background 
    • textile tiles in different colors or 
    • stylish striped patterns in great color combinations 

    for an impressive ambience in your home. Skilfully combine the selection with your interior or completely redesign your interior. This range will enhance even the most boring rooms. 

    Tip: Make sure that your interior design and the wallpaper pattern are well coordinated. If you choose wallpaper with lots of colors or wild patterns, the rest of your furniture should be kept simple. Otherwise, the room can quickly look cluttered. Choose light colors to enlarge the room. We recommend using darker colors or strong patterns only in accents to create special contrasts. 

    Photomurals from OREX - extravagant and of the highest quality 

    You'll have non-woven wallpaper on the wall in no time at all. All you need to do is apply the wallpaper paste to the wall surface and your wallpaper will stick to the wall strip by strip. Depending on the pattern, you don't need to match up the individual strips. Just measure the length and your artwork is ready to go. 

    Whether in the study, bedroom, living room or hallway: with these extraordinary photo wallpapers, you'll impress your visitors and yourself anew every day. And the best thing is that you get all of this in the best quality, of course. Because most of our non-woven wallpapers are: 

    • highly resistant to washing, i.e. you can clean them at any time with a damp cloth if they get stained 
    • lightfast, i.e. the colors do not fade when the sun shines on them 
    • completely dry removable, i.e. if you want to remove them again, it's child's play 

    The non-woven photomurals with their extravagant designs also have a smooth surface texture. This means that much less dust and dirt sticks to them.

    Order special photo wallpapers and more at

    Would you prefer something simpler? Discover our large selection of photomurals in a wide range of designs, including

    With OREX, you can rely on a provider with a lot of experience and top quality. Choose an order from our store and benefit from advantages such as free shipping within Germany for wallpapers, fast delivery and competent customer support if you have any specific questions. 

    Order your extraordinary photo wallpapers online at OREX now!