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    Photo wallpaper for children's rooms - imaginative and colorful 

    Children's rooms are places where children can play, learn and grow. It is therefore important that these rooms are not only functional, but also appealing and inspiring. A photo wallpaper can be an easy way to transform a child's room into a magical place. Discover the colorful variety of motifs for your child's room in our online store and bring popular Disney characters, enchanting fairies or species-rich animal worlds to life - with the great photo wallpapers for children's rooms from OREX. Order the right children's wallpaper for your little one now! 

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    Photomurals with magical motifs for children's rooms 

    In contrast to adults' sense of style, who sometimes prefer muted colors, children love bright colors. In fact, the little ones need bright colors to better develop their sensibilities. Bright colors as well as cheerful motifs and figures ensure that children's imagination and creativity are stimulated. Depending on their age, babies may initially prefer softer pastel shades that create a calm atmosphere in the nursery. 

    Later on, there are hardly any limits to the freedom of design. The motto is: the morecolorful, the better. You can bring your little one's nursery to life with photomurals. We offer a wide range of colorful motifs in our online store:

    • Popular Disney characters: Winnie the Pooh and his friends, beautiful princesses or Mickey Mouse, Goofy and co. - they are all represented and will accompany your children in their everyday lives if you choose them. 
    • Cute animal motifs: Whether it's a farm, a forest with native wild animals or exotic species, children can relate to the magnificent animal world here. 
    • Creative world map: Boys and girls can playfully learn which animals live where and how colorful the animal world is with the animal species marked on the world map. 

    Of course, your children will also be too old for the cute motifs at some point. That's why we also offer cool street art motifs for teenagers' rooms in our wallpaper store. Stylish graffiti, abstract art or iconic Star Wars designs are available for your teen to choose from. 

    One recommendation from us: always discuss the selection with your child. With young children, you can awaken new interests with the choice of photo wallpaper. But it's always better to ask about their preferences. Of course, this recommendation applies all the more to the teenager's room. Decide together which photo wallpaper it should be in the end and enjoy the great designs.

    Tips for hanging photo wallpaper in the children's room 

    When choosing a photo wallpaper for the children's room, it is important to pay attention to thesize of the room. A wallpaper that is too large can overwhelm the room, while one that is too small can look inconspicuous. Of course, make sure that the wall is large enough for the chosen motif so that the entire picture really does fit and is not distorted. 

    Also remember to have the right tools to hand. Depending on the type of wallpaper, you may need accessories such as paste, brushes and more. Non-woven wallpapers last a long time, can be wiped clean and are lightfast. This means you can enjoy your investment for a particularly long time and your child can enjoy their nursery for years to come. 

    Discover photo wallpapers for children's rooms and more at OREX 

    Are you looking for ways to decorate your walls artistically in addition to photomurals for children's rooms? Then discover a large selection of photo wallpapers in fabulous quality, including 

    Get the inspiration you need in our online store and design your home according to your individual ideas. 

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our expert service team will be happy to help you. Order your photomurals for the children's room and much more at now!