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    Photomurals in trendy retro chic

    When it comes to decorating a wall, there are many options, but a photo wallpaper is a particularly effective and versatile option. A photo wallpaper can help to transform a room and give it a new atmosphere. A retro wall mural in particular is a timeless design that can add a touch of nostalgia and elegance to any room. Discover trendy retro designs on photomurals in our online shop and start travelling back in time in your home!  

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    Retro-style photo wallpaper - what does it involve? 

    Translated from Latin, the term retro means something like "backwards". In terms of fashion, music, architecture, etc., it means that the style of past times is taken up again. Today, we often find elements of the 1950s to 1980s in our time - and in many different areas. This is also the case in the form of retro chic photomurals.  

    Circles, waves, stripes, but also floral motifs and "old-fashioned" colour gradients - this is what characterises the designs that we now understand as retro orvintage and have transferred to our photomurals. Combined with modern furniture, you can quickly create a fresh style that is a real eye-catcher. Because retro is anything but old. The iconic retro chic photo wallpapers conjure up colours and patterns on your walls in no time at all, making them a very special eye-catcher. 

    Retro wallpapers from different decades 

    The 50s and 60s: These decades are characterised by very special motifs. Various floral decors were often found on the walls, creating a summery cosiness. In combination with the ever-popular shabby chic furniture, this type of interior design evokes a great sense of nostalgia. #

    The 70s: The decade of hippie culture stands for crazy shapes and colours. Retro-style photomurals also feature various geometric shapes that are brightly coloured and bring a zest for life into the home. Clear and clean lines are important. 

    The 80s: Here too, it's all about having the courage to use colour, especially in neon tones and deep colour gradients. Use these to set individual accents so as not to overload your rooms. It's better to choose slightly more subtle furniture for particularly colourful photo wallpapers so as not to overwhelm the eye. 

    With just a little effort, you can bring the nostalgic beauty of days gone by back into your home in new splendour. Emphasise your personal style and order your retro-style photomural online at now! 

    Where is a retro design photo wallpaper suitable? 

    A retro wallpaper mural can be integrated into your home in many different ways. Here are some ideas: 

    • Living room: Choose a photo wallpaper with a retro pattern and place it behind your sofa as an accent wall in the room. This will visually separate the sofa area. 
    • Bedroom: Use a photo wallpaper with a vintage motif, e.g. large floral patterns, and place it as a background for your bed
    • Kitchen: Choose a wall mural with a nostalgic pattern and use it as an accent for the dining area or throughout the room. 
    • Office: Choose a wall mural with a retro 70s design and make your desk stand out. 

    Use this timeless classic however you like - order your retro wallpaper now! 

    Retro chic photomurals and many more designs at OREX 

    Be inspired by our huge selection of products and bring new glamour into your home. Create themed rooms or decorate your walls to accentuate your interior style. You can do this in no time with photo wallpapers. In our shop, you'll find retro chic photomurals as well as designs 

    There are virtually no limits to your imagination with the many different possibilities. If you are unsure, order your desired wallpaper via our practical sample dispatch service and take your time to look at it. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you with any other questions or concerns. 

    Order your retro-style photo wallpaper and much more at OREX now!