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    Wallpaper in the living room - a touch of style and elegance for your home

    The living room is the centrepiece of every home - a place where family and friends come together to share good times. It therefore deserves special attention when it comes to design. Wallpaper in the living room plays a crucial role in this: it can completely transform the room and create an atmosphere of cosiness, elegance or modernity. Find out more here about the possibilities that our wallpapers from OREX offer you to make your living room shine in new splendour!

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    Versatile wallpaper in the living room for every interior design style

    Wallpaper is a fantastic way to give your living room a unique character. There are numerous types of wallpaper that offer many different advantages. Whether you're looking for a purist, photorealistic or retro look, the choice is huge. From modern and elegant designs to photo wallpapers that add a very personal touch, at OREX we offer a variety of wallpapers that will enchant your living space. Discover the following wallpaper styles:

    • Photo wallpapers: These popular wallpapers offer the opportunity to add landscapes, abstract art or personal motifs directly to your wall. Large-scale photo wallpapers with impressive motifs that create either a calming or inspiring atmosphere are particularly on trend.
    • Non-woven wallpaper: Non-woven wallpapers are popular due to their appealing look and practical benefits. They are easy to wallpaper as the paste is applied directly to the wall. They are also hard-wearing and easy to remove. With a variety of colours and patterns, they offer something for every taste.
    • 3D wallpapers: They are the latest trend for living rooms. They offer an impressive depth effect and can visually enlarge rooms. Whether geometric patterns or nature-inspired motifs, they bring a touch of modernity and style to your room.
    • Self-adhesive wallpaper: These wallpapers are quickly applied to the wall and impress with their durability and robustness.

    Choosing the right wallpaper depends heavily on your personal style and interior design preferences. Do you prefer classic and elegant? Then patterned wallpaper in soft colours or paper wallpaper could be ideal for you. Or do you prefer modern and eye-catching? Then bold colours and large motifs might be just the thing. Browse through our range and find the best wallpaper for your living room at!

    Buy living room wallpaper and more at Orex

    Are you ready to give your living room a new look? Wall design with wallpaper offers endless possibilities to add a personalised touch to your living room. Whether you opt for a wallpaper with a subtle effect or an eye-catching design, it's entirely up to you. The important thing is that the wallpaper complements your room and reflects your personal style.

    Visit our range of stylish living room wallpapers and discover the variety of styles, colours and designs. Whether you're looking for a photo wallpaper, an elegant pattern wallpaper or a modern 3D wallpaper for your room design, we have just the right thing for you. Discover numerous wallpapers for other rooms in our shop, such as:

    With OREX, you also benefit from great benefits from the very first wallpaper order, which will round off your shopping experience in our online shop, such as:

    • Free shipping for wallpaper orders within Germany,
    • low-cost sample shipping: Receive a sample of your favourite wallpaper free of shipping costs to your home.
    • Explore our wallpaper guide. There you will find useful tips and tricks for your renovation projects.

    If you have any questions about our products, you can use our digital contact form. Write us a message with your enquiry. Our OREX team will be happy to help you. Get inspired in our shop and order your new living room wallpaper online at OREX now!