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    Bambino XVIII Wallpaper Collection by Rasch

    Kids wallpapers in enchanting designs. Cheerful colours of single-coloured wallpapers build the base of this collection to be combined with one or more of the various designs. Striped wallpapers offer a rather classic and timeless design. Cute animal wallpapers range from whales wallpapers, elephant wallpapers and African animal wallpapers to dinosaur wallpapers. Merry designs with planes teach numbers while flowers support reading and learning foreign languages. You not only find regular non-woven wallpapers in this kids collection but also mural wallpapers and wallpaper borders. Thus you have even more possibilities to give the nursery, child's bedroom or playroom a unique design. Photo wallpapers add a special touch to the room's atmosphere with large motifs, while wallpaper borders break design patterns or may be used to set a border between to different styles. The pleasant colours make sure the wild designs don't get overbearing. Grab your little ones and get creative!