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    Get a great depth effect with 3D wallpaper from OREX

    With a 3D wallpaper, you create a deceptively real enlargement of space in your living rooms on the one hand and a majestic look on the other. Whether unusual graphic designs, nature or city motifs, you can give free rein to your three-dimensional creativity in our online shop. With the help of plastic wallpaper, you can create a new atmosphere in the rooms of your flat or house. Browse through our range and discover the right 3D wallpaper that still creates a great depth effect in smaller rooms. Order 3D wallpapers now at OREX!

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    Change the depth of your living space with a 3D wallpaper.

    Are you looking for the perfect way to make your living spaces in your flat or house appear larger? Then our 3D wallpapers are just right for your project. A 3D wallpaper is a photo wallpaper with a three-dimensional effect. This type of wallpaper makes the depth of your living space appear so that you and your guests will think the room has become bigger overnight. Discover our wide variety of 3D motifs. Below you will find examples of motifs that you will find in our range:

    • 3D Tile motifs
    • 3D Geometric motifs
    • 3D wood-look
    • 3D stone wall motifs

    A 3D photo wallpaper is the perfect wallpaper type if you want to give rooms in your flat or house a modern and creative touch. Browse through our online shop and discover other wallpaper designs besides our 3D photo wallpapers that create a depth effect in your rooms. You can make your home even cosier with the following types of wallpaper:

    You are unsure which 3D motif fits best in your living space? No problem. Take advantage of our low-cost sample delivery service. Order a wallpaper sample of the wallpaper of your choice without obligation and free shipping to your home and see if it fits in your living space. Click through our range and find the perfect 3D photo wallpaper with great depth effect at OREX!

    3D photo wallpapers - practical room enlargement with different wallpaper designs

    In addition to a large selection of different types of wallpaper, you will also find all the other utensils that will make your renovation project shine. Complete your renovation equipment with painting supplies from OREX. Below you will get a small insight into what you will find in the category painting supplies:

    The old wallpaper is down and you're having trouble getting the newly selected 3D wallpaper from OREX onto your walls? For such situations we have created a wallpaper guide. There you will find useful tips & tricks about our wallpaper types and instructions on how best to wallpaper your living space. If you have further questions, you can easily use our FAQ & help area. If you're lucky, your question is there, if not, you still have the option of writing us a message via our digital contact form. Our team will do its best to help you as quickly as possible. We look forward to seeing you. Order your 3D wallpaper from OREX now and create great effects in your living space!