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    Art Deco wallpaper:Timeless elegance for your walls

    Discover the world of Art Deco wallpaper, a tribute to the opulent era of the 1920s and 1930s, and add a touch of glamor and luxury to your rooms. Art Deco was a movement known for its love of geometric shapes, bold colors and extravagant patterns. It offers an incomparable opportunity to give your home a unique and stylish character. Discover more about the world of Art Deco wallpaper and how you can use it to create an unforgettable sense of space!

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    The fascination of Art Deco wallpaper

    Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements are currently making a big comeback in modern interior design. Whether you want to create a modern room with a touch of nostalgia or give your traditional interior design style an extravagant twist, our Art Deco wallpapers will fulfill your wishes with their impressive patterns and colors.

    Art Deco wall decors bring the aesthetic principles of Art Nouveau and Bauhaus into the modern age. Their patterns are characterized by symmetry and repetition, while at the same time bringing a fresh, modern touch to your rooms. The variety of patterns and colors of Art Deco wallpapers are as follows:

    • Geometric patterns: clear lines and symmetrical shapes are characteristic of Art Deco and make for a sophisticated interior design.
    • Bold colors: Bright and deep colors create a dynamic yet elegant atmosphere.

    As modern wall coverings, non-woven wallpapers in the Art Deco style are a wonderful way to transform your walls into large-scale works of art. They bring the spirit of the Roaring Twenties into your home and create an unmistakable sense of space.

    Easy to apply Art Deco wallpapers

    Our wallpaper collections with Art Deco motifs are characterized by their tasteful designs. Thanks to the high-quality non-woven quality, the non-woven wallpapers with Art Deco designs are easy to apply. The paste is applied directly to the wall, which makes wallpapering much easier. The Art Deco non-woven wallpapers combine the following properties with the glamorous design of the Art Deco style:

    • No soaking required: apply directly to the wall without soaking first.
    • Durability: robust and durable, ideal for rooms that are used a lot.

    Non-woven wallpapers are a perfect combination of practicality and style. Their durability makes them ideal for rooms that are used a lot, such as living rooms or hallways.

    The spatial effect of Art Deco wallpapers

    Art Deco wallpapers are known for their impressive spatial effect. They combine elegant, geometric patterns with bold color combinations, giving any room a luxurious and stylish atmosphere. These wallpapers are ideal for setting accents and transforming rooms into fascinating visual experiences.

    The special spatial effect is based on the unique combination of design elements. On the one hand, the elegant, geometric patterns - a characteristic feature of the Art Deco style - bring order and symmetry to the room, which are both pleasing to the eye and provide a clear structure. These patterns can make rooms appear larger or taller, depending on how they are arranged. On the other hand, the bold color combinations add a touch of drama and luxury, making the wallpapers much more than just a background element: They become central to the feel of the room.

    Buy Art Deco wallpaper and more at OREX

    With Art Deco wallpaper from OREX, you can let your creativity run wild and transform your walls into impressive design elements . Choose from a variety of patterns and colors to give your room that certain something. Discover our selection of other wallpaper worlds, such as:

    Take advantage of numerous benefits with your online order at OREX from the first wallpaper order, such as:

    • Free delivery of wallpaper orders within Germany.
    • Inexpensive wallpaper samples to test different wallpapers at home,
    • Wallpaper guide for useful tips and tricks for your renovation projects.

    If you have any questions about our products, please use our digital contact form. Get inspired in our store and order expressive Art Deco wallpapers online at OREX now!