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    Woodchip wallpapers

    Woodchip wallpapers are particularly breathable and hard-wearing. The wallpaper fabric is made of individual wood fibres, which create the typical woodchip wallpaper pattern. In addition, wallpapers made of woodchip wallpaper can be easily processed and used in almost every living area. As the wallpapers can be painted over several times and wall paint adheres particularly well to ingrain wallpaper, individual wall designs can be realised with these wallpapers.  There is an ingrain wallpaper with a matching structure for every requirement - whether coarse, fine or classic.

    Non-woven woodchip wallpapers

    The non-woven woodchip wallpapers are so beautiful in the appearance of a woodchip wallpaper, but also functional as a non-woven wallpaper. The fleece woodchip wallpapers consist of paper and wood fibres with a share of textile fibres. The wallpapers are wallpapered on the wall with the help of the wall sticking technique and can be painted over again and again and several times. In addition, they are free of PVC and softeners, environmentally friendly and healthy to live in and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. As the fleece rough-fibre wallpapers are considered to be crack-bridging and hard-wearing, they are an ideal wall solution. You can find fleece woodchip wallpapers of the collections Classico, Viva, Elegance, Romantic and Rustic in our shop!

    Woodchip wallpapers

    In contrast to the fleece woodchip wallpapers, the woodchip wallpapers consist only of paper and wood fibres. Nevertheless the wallpapers impress likewise by their changeability and the infinite application possibilities. There are no limits to your wall design and can be adapted to every taste. Likewise, wallpapering is very easy and succeeds everyone. Rough-fibre wallpapers are also environmentally friendly and healthy to live in, and are free of PVC and softeners. Further advantages are that they are suitable for allergy sufferers and are breathable and moisture-regulating. Rauhfaser wallpapers of the collections Classico, Avantgarde and Sprint you will find here with us!

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