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    Modern and timeless carpet - trendy living with a style statement  

    If you're looking for a way to add a touch of elegance and modernity to your home, a rug with a modern look is the ideal choice. As a stylish accessory, modern rugs are an expression of your personal aesthetic. Whether for the living room, hallway or bedroom, a modern rug creates unique accents in any room. Find out more about the rug trends here and discover the large collection of modern rugs from OREX!

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    Modern and purist rug - perfect for hallways and living areas

    Modern rugs are characterised by clean lines, minimalist patterns and a contemporary colour palette that give the room a sense of modernity and elegance. They adapt effortlessly to different interior styles, from ultra-modern to cosier, more traditional settings.

    Using rugs in hallways as a fashion statement 

    In hallways, which often serve as passageways and are one of the first impressions of a home, a modern rug can make a strong visual statement. By using timeless colours and patterns that complement the style and colour scheme of the adjacent living area, modern rugs create a cohesive aesthetic that enhances the visual experience as you walk through the space. In a hallway, a runner or narrow rug is often suitable. They provide cosiness underfoot and also protect the floor in high-traffic areas. A modern carpet runner gives any hallway an inviting atmosphere and can be a stylish feature that attracts attention.

    Modern carpet runners are available in various materials, from high pile to short pile, and offer the right solution for every taste and need. They are also easy to clean, making them ideal for everyday use.

    Modern carpets in living areas: how to choose the perfect carpet

    In the living area, a modern rug plays a central role in creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The colours and patterns of a modern rug can have a significant impact on the mood of the room. A rug should be coordinated with theexisting furniture and decorative elements to create a harmonious overall look.

    In addition to aesthetics, modern carpets also offer practical advantages. They are often made from durable, easy-care materials that are suitable for high-traffic areassuch as hallways and living rooms. When choosing a rug for a living area, you should consider the layout of your furniture and choose a size that fits the scale of the room. Make sure that the rug is neither too small to look insignificant nor too large to overwhelm the room.

    Advantages of short pile rugs: quality that feet love 

    Short pile options are ideal for those who prioritise comfort and quality. They are an excellent choice for allergy sufferers as they accumulate less dust and allergens and are easy to clean.

    Carpets in grey, white, cream and beige are very popular for modern interior design trends. These colours offer a timeless solution that blends seamlessly into any room design. Grey is a colour that radiates calm and elegance and is easy to combine with other shades. Discover our wide range of different types of wallpaper in modern colours in our online shop at!

    Designer carpets: Works of art for the floor 

    Do you want to choose a carpet as a work of art that adds a touch of luxury to your home? Designer carpets are characterised by innovative designs, high-quality materials and elaborate workmanship. Some of the most popular styles include modern geometric patterns, abstract designs and minimalist colour schemes that perfectly complement modern interior styles.

    Buy modern rugs and more at OREX 

    Whether you're looking for a rug for the living room, hallway or bedroom, you'll find a wide selection of modern designs that will give your home a fresh and stylish look. Browse other rug categories and find rugs such as:

    When ordering online, take advantage of free delivery for wallpaper within Germany, secure payment methods and fast delivery. Also discover our guide page for more inspiration and tips on living and renovating. Buy modern carpet on OREX now!