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    Children's rugs: Comfortable play 

    Every child's heart beats faster - a cosy place to romp, play and dream. With our children's carpets, every child's room becomes a real playground. The most wonderful fantasy worlds are created here, because children can play safely and comfortably on these rugs. Take a look around and find the perfect rug for your little adventurer. Discover the perfect playmate for your child's room now! 

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    What makes a good children's rug? 

    It's not just the bright colours and great patterns that make our children's rugs so special. High-quality materials such as soft synthetic fibres and pure cotton ensure a pleasant pile that pampers little feet. They should also be easy to care for, because we know that: Where there's lots of play, things can spill. A special plus point: our rugs are particularly easy to care for thanks to special materials. Order children's rugs online at Orex now! 

    Which children's rug is the right one? 

    At Orex, we are proud of our huge selection of children's rugs. Each piece tells its own story and invites children to create their own adventures. Immerse yourself in a world of imagination and discovery. There are so many wonderful motifs and shapes. From playful street carpets on which little cars do their rounds to motifs with their favourite football club, Disney or Pixar - there is something for every child's heart: 

    Children's carpets for boys

    A bold knight, speedy racing cars or the big wide universe - typical motifs that inspire little boys. Our selection of rugs for boys is bursting with adventure and action. Also with motifs from Disney, Pixar and their favourite football team - order online now! 

    Children's rugs for girls 

    Whether it's a magical unicorn, cute animal motifs or a fairytale castle - girls will find children's rugs that will make their eyes light up. Treat your child to a magical world for playing and dreaming! 

    Rugs and runners for every occasion 

    In addition to children's rugs, we also offer an extensive selection of other rugs and runners. How about a chic kitchen runner or an elegant living room rug, for example? Let yourself be inspired and find the right piece for every room in your home. Discover more highlights in our rug collection now! 

    The magic of children's rugs 

    At Orex, we believe that a rug is much more than just a piece of fabric. A children's rug is a gateway to countless adventures, a place where dragons are tamed, treasures are sought and new worlds are discovered. It is the first step on the moon, the sea where mermaids swim, or the jungle where brave explorers go in search of the unknown

    Our rugs are not only designed to keep feet warm, but also to stimulate the imagination, encourage play and make children's dreams come true. At Orex, we don't just offer a rug, but a piece of magic that belongs in every child's room. Let yourself be enchanted and find the perfect children's rug for your little explorers! 

    Orex - more than just carpets 

    With our top customer service, fast dispatch and many payment methods, we want you to be completely satisfied. Do you have any questions? Our FAQ will give you answers. Do you need more information about shipping and payment? We have compiled all the details for you. And of course we are also available to help you personally. Simply contact us using our contact form. Discover the world of Orex now and experience shopping fun at its best - order children's rugs online!