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    Modern wooden panels to stick on

    If you want to make your home modern and cosy, there's no getting around acoustic panels at the moment. Wooden panelling is an absolute eye-catcher and brings a lot of atmosphere and naturalness into the room. However, real wood panelling is usually expensive and has to be painstakingly attached to the wall. This is precisely why there are now non-woven wallpapers from AS Creation that are modelled on this Scandinavian wood look. Discover the non-woven wallpapers and wall panels in wood panel look at OREX now!

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    Scandinavian wood panels for a cosy home

    The wooden wallpapers from AS Creation not only look realistic thanks to the 3D effect, they also have a light texture that is reminiscent of real wood. What's more, the grain of the wood looks deceptively real, so you could be forgiven for thinking it's real wood panels on the wall.

    With our wood panel wallpaper, you have the choice between standard non-woven wallpaper, which you can use to cover entire walls, or wall panels, which only cover the lower half of your wall and are wallpapered horizontally. The wall panels are modelled on Swedish country-style wood panelling and create a cosy atmosphere in any room. Whether as a stylish accent on just one wall or throughout the entire room.

    In addition to the choice between non-woven wallpaper and wall panels, you also have the choice between numerous colour variations. Do you prefer light woods in beige or cream tones, classic brown tones or darker woods in black or grey tones? It doesn't matter, because at Orex you can choose between many different colours to find the wood wallpaper that matches your interior design.

    Wallpaper with a wooden panel look: paste instead of drilling

    It has never been easier to apply acoustic panels to the wall. Instead of tedious drilling or hammering, you can simply stick these panels to your walls using suitable paste. But it's not just the simple application that is an advantage of this non-woven wallpaper:

    • They are significantly cheaper than real wood panels
    • They are much easier to replace if you fancy a different colour
    • They exude the same cosiness and charm as real wood

    So if you would like to have wooden panels on your wall, but the installation is too time-consuming for you, you can opt for these non-woven wallpapers. They look just as good as real wood panels and are also much easier to apply thanks to the wall adhesion technique and are just as easy to remove. So what are you waiting for? Order non-woven wallpaper with a wood panel look from Orex today!

    As an OREX customer, you can benefit from great advantages from the very first order

    Get your wallpaper delivered to your home free of charge when you order within Germany. Are you unsure whether your favourite wallpaper matches your interior design? Then take advantage of our low-cost and non-bindingsample dispatch. This way, you can take your time to decide whether the wallpaper is right for you. Choose conveniently between numerous payment options. Order wallpaper from A.S. Création at OREX now!