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    Cheap flooring on sale - discover your flooring treasures on sale!

    Step into the world of OREX carpeting, where you'll find affordable, high-quality carpet tiles for every room, whether it's a cosy bedroom, lively children's room or professional office and even to match your underfloor heating. Simply order the right amount of carpet tiles as carpeting and put together your dream floor. At OREX, you'll find a new home for your feet. Immerse yourself in our wide range of carpets on sale, where quality and favourable prices go hand in hand!

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    Order cheap flooring for offices  

    With a wide range of manufacturers on offer, we guarantee a comprehensive selection that will transform your office space into an oasis of well-being. Our floor coverings in the form of carpet tiles offer a particularly pleasant tread and make every step an experience. Benefit from:

    • High load-bearing capacity (many models with service class 33): We offer floor coverings that meet the requirements of your office. With high durability and a long service life, you are ideally equipped.
    • Diverse colours and designs: From classic colours to modern patterns or wood looks - we have the right flooring for every office.
    • Comfort: Our floor coverings create a pleasant atmosphere and are impact sound-absorbing - ideal for concentrated work.

    Discover floor coverings that are affordable and of the best quality - they make your workplace something special!

    Creative colour concepts with floor coverings

    Our carpet tiles allow you to create customised sizes for every room, whether it's the children's room or the bedroom. We offer a range of floor coverings in different colours that you can combine to your heart's content. Whether short pile or deep pile - play with colours and textures to personalise your room. Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to combine different colours harmoniously. Create your room with our carpets - let the colours speak for themselves and underline your personality!

    Carpet tiles and their properties 

    The robust fibres of our carpet tiles ensure a long service life and high durability, ideal for lively family homes. And the simple installation makes it easy for you to enjoy your new flooring quickly and easily. Our carpet tiles are eye-catching and offer numerous practical benefits: 

    • Suitable for underfloor heating: Our carpet tile flooring is compatible with underfloor heating systems, so your room is always cosy and warm.
    • Impact sound insulation: Enjoy peace and comfort thanks to the excellent impact sound insulation of our floor coverings. 
    • Variety of fibres: Choose from a variety of fibres to create the perfect feeling under your feet.

    Choose flooring from reliable manufacturers - for warmth and style in your home.

    Why you'll find affordable, high-quality floor coverings at OREX 

    Before you go, remember: OREX is your point of contact when it comes to floor coverings on sale. We offer you:

    • Unique quality at favourable prices: Our floor coverings combine high quality with attractive prices.
    • Personalised customer service: Our team is on hand with help and advice to help you find the perfect flooring for you. 
    • Wide range: Discover our other products in the sale, such as classic carpets and a large selection of discounted wallpaper.

    Questions about our carpet tiles? Our customer service team will be happy to help! Discover the world of floor coverings at OREX now and redesign your room - with quality that impresses and prices that inspire!