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    Artificial turf for well-maintained outdoor areas

    High-quality artificial turf is characterised by high durability, longevity and good water permeability. Due to these properties, it is often used for high-traffic areas, for example at trade fairs or events. But it is also ideal for use in caravans, on balconies or in gardens. At Orex, you will find a large selection of weather-resistant and non-slip artificial grasscarpets in authentic green and brown colours. Discover customised lawn carpets in our range now!

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    Many advantages of turf carpets

    Pre-laid turf is an excellent alternative to natural grass as it requires less maintenance, looks attractive all year round and has an even surface that is suitable for various activities.

    Artificial turf as a surface offers a number of benefits. These include:

    • High durability: artificial turf is extremely resistant to heavy use and frequent stress.
    • Durability: Thanks to its robust construction, artificial turf retains its quality and appearance for many years. It can withstand wear and tear and the effects of the weather.
    • Versatility: Artificial turf is available in different heights and densities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The right variant can be selected depending on requirements, whether for leisure areas, sports fields or other purposes.
    • Low maintenance: Like other ready-made turfs, it requires little maintenance compared to natural turf. No mowing, watering or fertilising is required and the surface remains beautiful and well-maintained all year round.
    • Colour fastness: High-quality artificial turf retains its colour even under intense sunlight and changing weather conditions.
    • Environmentally friendly: Compared to natural turf, artificial turf saves valuable resources by eliminating the need for water and fertiliser.

    Regardless of whether your grass carpet is to be placed on a balcony, veranda or patio or whether you want to lay your artificial turf in the garden - it will always create an attractive and well-maintained space. Create your own personal oasis of well-being and relaxation. Order easy-care lawn carpets in green or brown from our online shop now!

    Wide range: artificial turf carpets from Orex

    Are you looking for the perfect artificial turf for your balcony, garden or roof terrace? Then you should definitely take a look at our extensive range. Our artificial turf is available in various lengths and widths. They are easy and uncomplicated to lay and are made of high-quality needle felt, which is particularly easy to clean and is also extremely dimensionally stable and durable. You can choose from both green and brown colour variations.

    Convince yourself of the excellent quality of our floor coverings and also discover our carpet tiles and vinyl flooring for beautiful and modern flooring. Find practical artificial turf and more in our online shop now!

    Optimally supplied: services from Orex

    Want to find out more about our products? No problem. Our competent customer support team will be happy to assist you and provide you with reliable and professional advice on your enquiry. Simply leave us a message using our contact form.

    With us, you are guaranteed more than just first-class product advice. We also offer you:

    • free shipping* of your wallpaper (within Germany),
    • a low-cost sample dispatch service

    Be inspired by our extensive range of artificial grass, runners and painting products. Buy high-quality artificial turf carpets and more from Orex now!