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Oven cleaner Wepos 750 ml
Oven cleaner Wepos 750 ml
Oven cleaner Wepos 750 ml 1

Oven cleaner Wepos 750 ml

  • Item number: Wepos_BackofenReiniger
  • Manufacturer: Wepos
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Wepos oven cleaner 750 ml

Oily stains and any frying and fat residues of food are declared war on with the oven and grill cleaner from Wepos. The cleaner is effective against stubborn and burnt-in encrustations and dissolves them in no time at all. Due to its gel structure, the cleaner also works effectively on vertical surfaces. Heating up the oven is unnecessary with this cleaner. It is suitable for all hot-air stoves, casseroles, ovens, pans, inspection windows, pots, built-in ovens, baking trays and grills.

Application: Apply evenly to the soiled surface and leave to work for 10 minutes. After the reaction time, wipe off the residues with a cloth or rag and then wipe dry with a clean cloth. In the case of heavier soiling, this process can be repeated and/or the soaking time can be extended slightly. The cleaner may only be used on cooled surfaces.

Danger/Caution: If medical advice is required, packaging or have the identification label ready. Must not get into the hands of children. Read the identification label before use. Steam do not inhale. IN CONTACT WITH THE SKIN (or hair): All dirty, take off immediately all soaked clothing. Rinse skin with water/shower. AT CONTACT WITH EYES: A few minutes rinse long and gently with water. Remove existing contact lenses if possible. Rinse further. Call a POISON NTER/ doctor immediately. Under lock and key keep it. Disposal of the contents/ the container according to the local/ regional/ national/ international regulations.



  • Oven cleaner 750 ml
  • for dirty surfaces around the oven: hot-air stoves, casserolls, ovens, pans, inspection windows, pots, built-in ovens, baking trays, grills
  • may only come into contact with the surface to be cleaned, if necessary wash off immediately with plenty of water
  • Ingredients: 5% anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, fragrances, sodium hydroxide

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