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Glassfibre wallpaper OEKO-Tex 3358-01 160g/qm
Glassfibre wallpaper OEKO-Tex 3358-01 160g/qm -42%
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Glassfibre wallpaper OEKO-Tex 3358-01 160g/qm

  • Item number: 3358-01
  • Manufacturer: Erismann
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Glassfibre wallpaper non-woven by Erismann large roll 25 x 1 m 160g/qm fishbone

Glassfibre wallpapers are especially suited for covering cracks and prevent the growth of mould, the development of allergies and mite infestation because of its mineral origin. Glassfibre of glass fabric consists of minerals without toxic components and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly. When using glassfibre wallpapers no electrostatic charges are created. Glassfibre wallpapers are transparent an have to be painted over wherefore the colour examples on the photos merely aim to show the wallpapers fishbone structure.

  • 100% coated glassfibre
  • Style: fishbone
  • Rolle dimension: large roll 25 x 1 m / 27.34yd x 39.37''
  • Weight: 160g/qm
  • Total weight: 4000g
  • Characteristics: covers cracks, can be painted over, scrubbable, of low flammabilty, adapted for pasting machines
  • Distinctions: OEKO-Tex certified

The glass fibre is white (transparent) and HAS TO be painted over! We just deliver white glassfibre wallpapers. The photos are color examples and just show the structure of the wallpaper! Use a special glass-fibre-fabrics-paste to hang-up this wallpaper

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