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10x Special Paste Strong Paper Wallpaper Adhesive 2kg
10x Special Paste Strong Paper Wallpaper Adhesive 2kg
10x Special Paste Strong Paper Wallpaper Adhesive 2kg 1

10x Special Paste Strong Paper Wallpaper Adhesive 2kg

  • Item number: HF-SK-200-10
  • Manufacturer: HOMEFACTO:RI
(Base price: €9.55/kilogram) incl. tax + shipping**
(ready for shipping 1-3 working days)

10x Special Paste Wallpaper Adhesive Woodchip Vinyl Satin 2kg

You can use this special adhesive paste to process paste the paper wallpapers and textured woodchip wallpapers. The product has a strong adhesive power and convinces with its high efficiency. . In addition, this wallpaper adhesive enables an effortless moving of wallpaper strips on walls. Keep the content well closed, cold and dry and note the processing information on the package. Add this to your order: matching paste roller and paste brushes for a consistent wallpaper paste application.

Hanging advice: Please follow the manufacturer€™s instructions. Lenghts of wallpaper should be pasted evenly, folded up and left for soaking. Press lengths edge to edge onto the wall and smooth down quickly using a foam roller.

HOMEFACTO:RI Special Paste

  • Product type: special paste suitable for "paste the paper" wallpaper / woodchip wallpaper
  • Capacity: 10 packages of special wallpaper paste ≙ 200 g wallpaper paste per unit
  • Preparation: ready in 7 minutes, sprinkle the paste into the required amount of water
  • Characteristics: adhesive power, easy processing, highly efficient, excellent adjustment and movement of wallpaper strips
  • Distinctions: new and orignal packaging, high quality product from Germany

Mixing ratio

  • Prepasting: 2kg special paste = approx. 600-800 m²
  • Normal wallpaper: 2kg special paste = approx. 220-260 m² (is equal to approx. 40-50 wallpapers with euro-roll dimenion)
  • Heavy weight wallpaper 2kg special paste = approx. 120-150 m² (is equal to approx. 20-30 wallpapers with euro-roll dimenion)

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