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Cuvée prestige non -woven wallpaper Marburg 54927 texture beige
Non-woven wallpaper structure beige Marburg 54927 -20%
Non-woven wallpaper structure beige Marburg 54927  1

Cuvée prestige non -woven wallpaper Marburg 54927 texture beige

  • Item number: 54927
  • Manufacturer: Marburger Tapetenfabrik
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RRP: €59.95
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Non-woven wallpaper structure beige metallic Cuvée Prestige 54927

CUVÉE PRESTIGE is a precious collection for everyone who loves something special without seeming extravagant. The refinement of these heat-embossed products is achieves by fine hatching lines finest lines running opposite each other, hardly visible to the naked eye.

- The wallcoverings feature a shot coloured surface. Depening on the light and the viewpoint, the appear in a shimmery gloss or blunty matte.
- The colours are exquisite: a comfortable gold, a cool silvergrey and a warm copper red, plainly the trendy colour.
- The highlight is a digitally printed opulent flower bouquet decor.
[Source: Marburg]

  • Stilwelten: Streifen Design
  • Farbwelten: beige mit Metallic-Effekt
  • Tapetenoberfläche: glatt
  • Materialwelten: Vlies
  • Größe: ca. 10,05 x 0,70 m
  • Musterversatz: ansatzfrei
  • Eigenschaften: hoch waschbeständig, gut lichtbeständig, Vlieskleister auf d. Wand anbringen, restlos trocken abziehbar
  • Besonderheiten: neu und originalverpackt, Deutsches Markenprodukt, RAL-Gütezeichen,

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