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The Wallpaper Pasting Table - An Useful Helper

13.09.2016 11:55


Change is something everybody needs from time to time. So why not start by hanging new wallpapers? Facebook, Instagram, different blogs and lifestyle magazines inspire us to create new and exciting environments for ourselves and for our loved ones. But too often we are discouraged by the work that is connected to the realisation of our plans. Although we cannot do the work for you, we can relieve you of unnecessary stress. With our basic wallpapering equipment, wallpapering is made easy. 

Wallpapering itself can be less exhausting if you possess the right tools. For a basic setup a wallpaper pasting table is indispensable. But what do you have to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate table? A good question, considering the variety different models on the market. In this guide we will introduce you to the two most common types of wallpaper pasting tables to ease your decision.


Why do I need a Wallpaper Pasting Table?

There are at least two answers to this question. First, working with a wallpaper pasting table saves time. Second, it is more convenient. Because of the table’s length the wallpaper widths can be cut to the desired length easily. Many tables feature a measuring scale making the cutting even easier. After cutting the widths to length the table can be used for pasting. Since the widths can be stretched out to their full length, this is easily possible. Usually, wallpaper pasting tables are lightweight and since they are collapsible, they can be stored nearly anywhere. Due to their low weight they can be moved easily, even when they are erected. The collapsing mechanism is easily to operate allowing fast easy handling.


Which are the most popular Wallpaper Pasting Tables?

Two types of tables have proved their usability in professional and hobbyist use. 

Multifunctional Tables

Traditional Tables

Multifunctional wallpaper pasting tables consist of three individual parts. The table tops of these parts measure 100 cm x 60 cm providing enough space to be used individually for different purposes. They can be connected easily by clipping them together. The combined length extends up to 300 cm. Each part possesses its own scale and can be altered in high in 4 steps. The surface is coated with a dirt-repellent material allowing an easy removal of paste and other soilings. The sturdy aluminium substructure ensures stability.


The traditional wallpaper pasting table consist of three connected parts. Combined, they have a length of 300 cm and a width of 60 cm. Its substructure is made of aluminium making the construction sturdy and reliable. The table has a height of 78 cm for convenient working. The table top is coated with a dirt-repellent surface making cleaning very easy. It also features a scale that helps measuring.


Traditioneller Tapeziertisch

One Table, Multiple Functions

Due to their size and their lightweight but sturdy construction wallpaper pasting tables are very flexible in their area of application. Thus, you might use them not only for wallpapering but also for other purposes. The large surface and the convenient height qualify wallpaper pasting tables for a range of other applications then wallpapering. You can easily use them to serve a buffet in the living room or in the garden. They can also be used for tinkering or any other handicraft work. On flea markets or garage sales wallpaper pasting tables are often used as easily portable selling space. 

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