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04.05.2016 13:49

Some of us experience a revival, others discover it new for themselves – the photo wallpaper is back and not just since yesterday. Actually it never was gone but has become discredited – without any reason. Of course we remember the dubious wall and door coverings from the 70ies with almost limitless beaches and evergreen forest landscapes. But is that the case in 2016? Do photo wallpapers still have kitschy motifs and a remarkably bad quality? – No! It is about time to forget the clichés and to discover contemporary photo wallpaper trends. Photo wallpapers offer great opportunities to put small as well as big rooms in the limelight and to create an inspiring living atmosphere.

So everything back where it started: What exactly are photo wallpapers? What is the difference to other wall decorations? What must be considered when buying photo wallpapers? Three questions are followed by three answers.

What are photo wallpapers?

At this point, many may ask themselves if the term photo wallpapers is not self-descriptive. To put it in a nutshell: yes and no. De facto photo wallpapers are extensive wallpapers with photorealistic or graphic motifs which can be composed as individual strips on the wall and result in one overall picture. In contrast to XXL posters, pictures and wall tattoos, photo wallpapers create a particular ambiance and their motifs can be adapted to the size and condition of the wall. However, one photo wallpaper is not just like another. As in the case of conventional wallpapers there are also quality differences in the production and processing of photo wallpapers.

What must be considered when buying photo wallpapers and which types of photo wallpapers do exist?

100.000 different photo wallpapers and yet no jungle – the following issues you should ask yourself before buying a photo wallpaper in order to maintain an overview:

  • How much money do I want to spend on a photo wallpaper?
  • How high should the quality of the photo wallpaper be?
  • Have I ever processed a photo wallpaper?

How cheap, resistant and easy to process a photo wallpapers is depends on the material of the photo wallpaper. Essentially, the photo wallpaper industry distinguishes between two different qualities: paper and non-woven. The following table lists the commonalities and differences of the different materials:

Paper photo wallpapers

Non-woven photo wallpapers

 - thin and light material

 - a photo wallpaper set usually consists of several squares

 - paper photo wallpapers are fixed on the wall with special wallpaper paste

 - cheap price

 - hard-wearing and solid material

 - a photo wallpapers set usually consists of several strips

 - non-woven photo wallpapers are fixed on the wall with non-woven wallpapers paste

 - very high processing quality

Photo wallpapers made of paper usually consist of squared sections. The photo wallpapers set gets fixed on the wall with special wallpaper paste and results as a large format picture.

photo wallpaper made of paper     photo wallpaper made of paper

Photo wallpapers made of non-woven are characterised by a hard-wearing and solid material convincing by a high processing quality. The several strips of wallpaper can be composed to an overall picture on the wall with a suitable non-woven wallpaper paste.

non-woven photo wallpaper     non-woven photo wallpaper

Process photo wallpapers correctly

Finally – the matching photo wallpaper is found, unpacked and rolled out. But how does the photo wallpaper get fixed on the wall so that it does not directly become detached or causes bubbles and wrinkles? The material of the photo wallpaper is decisive for its processing. Paper photo wallpapers are processed with the wallpaper pasting technique whereas non-woven wallpapers are processed with the wall-pasting technique. By using the wallpaper pasting technique, at first the respective section of the photo wallpaper gets pasted with special wallpaper paste. This paste does not contain dispersion and prevents big stains on the wall. Before fixing the photo wallpaper section on the wall, the pasted photo wallpaper should soak about 5-10 minutes to prevent undesirable bubbles and wrinkles after drying. By using the wall-pasting technique not the strip of wallpaper but the wall gets pasted with a non-woven wallpaper paste. This paste is splatter-free and does not dry up too quick, wherefore the strip of the photo wallpaper can be adjusted after fixing it on the wall. Therefore it is very easy to process the photo wallpaper and to get a perfect result.

Decorate rooms with photo wallpapers

As mentioned in the beginning, photo wallpapers can cause small miracles in the room decoration. Especially small rooms can profit from extensive motifs of nature or get straightened out visually by graphic patterns. At the end of the day, the big selection of diverse photo wallpaper motifs makes it interesting to play with forms, colours and illusions to create an individual wall decoration.

Photo Wallpaper   photo wallpaper

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