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Do handicrafts with leftover wallpaper – useful DIY ideas

05.06.2016 13:45

Anyone who has ever processed pattern wallpapers knows that due to the wallpaper’s design match leftover wallpaper remains which commonly gets discarded when the work is done. But it does not have to be that way! With some creativity and handicraft skills beautiful decoration elements can be created with the remaining leftover wallpapers. Depending on the expenditure of time and available material great accents can be set on the wall or the furniture can be upgraded. We present two DIY opportunities.

Frame leftover wallpaper

Often wallpapers with extravagant patterns are used to set strong accents on one wall. The other walls stay decent and become upgraded by wall decorations. To get a harmonious ambiance it can be recommendable to match the decoration of the decent walls with the pattern and colours of the pattern wallpaper. A fast, cheap and easy solution can be framing the leftover wallpaper and to hang it on the wall.

Here is how it works:

Expenditure of time: low
Material requirements: low
Handicraft skills: low
Material: Leftover wallpaper, scissors/cutter, folding rule, picture frame(s) 

  1. Measure the picture frame(s).
  2. Mark the measurements on the leftover wallpaper and cut it out afterwards.
  3. Clamp the wallpaper cuts in the picture frame(s).
  4. Hang the picture frame(s) on the wall.

DIY leftover wallpaper

Stick leftover wallpaper on furniture

A complete living concept not only involves a harmonious wall decoration but also matching furniture. All nicer then, when the furniture takes up and reflects colours or patterns of the walls. Due to their expansive surfaces especially tables and cupboards offer a good basis to follow this approach. With a little preparation, manual dexterity and leftover wallpaper old and plain tables and cupboard become unmistakable originals serving as a valuable decoration element in the living area.

Here is how it works:

Expenditure of time: medium - high
Material requirements: medium - high
Handicraft skills: medium – high
Material: Leftover wallpaper, scissors/cutter, folding rule, paste, furniture

  1. Measure the surface of the furniture and transfer the measurements with a leeway of about 1 cm/0.39 ‘’ to the leftover wallpaper.
  2. Clean the surface of the furniture of grease and dirt.
  3. Prime the surface of the furniture to prevent that the wood absorbs liquids excessively.
  4. Apply paste on the surface of the furniture.
  5. Fix the wallpaper on the surface of the furniture and correct irregularities directly.
  6. Let the pasted wallpaper dry and cut off the protruding edges afterwards. By decorating table tops, the surface of the furniture can be covered with a transparent glass plate.

DIY leftover wallpaper

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