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Decorating kids‘ rooms

29.07.2016 13:52

The kid’s room – The little ones‘ place for playing, sleeping and working. The room which was gladly kept simply in blue or in rose in the past, is now turning into a feel-good oasis with much creativity for kids and teenagers. The kid’s room is the room in every house which changes the most frequent. While the little ones are still interested in Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse, the rooms of the older kids are characterized by Star Wars figures, Marvel heroes and Disney’s stars like Violetta. The earlier colourful playfulness becomes more discreet and calmer.

Therefore, it is recommended to organise the kid’s room with replaceable floor coverings, kid’s carpets, wall paintings and wall tattoos. With different wallpapers and wall decorations, the different areas in the room can be refined.

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Play area and sleeping area in the kid’s room

The play area should provide enough place on the ground. Colourful street carpets are particularly suitable for the play area. As the interests of kids change frequently, motive carpets with the heroes of Disney, Marvel and Co. offer a nice and replaceable alternative. Colourful kid’s carpets with suitable motives complete the area.

The sleeping area should be – especially for little kids – calmer to avoid sensory overload. Plain wallpapers in soft colours are particularly suitable for the sleeping area, combined with separate wall tattoos and stickers. Wall paintings and murals for kids also stand out against the background. They can be removed repeatedly and are adaptable to the little ones’ individual taste. Thematically suitable with the carpets and wallpapers in the play area, a harmonic picture is created which lights up kids’ eyes.

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Floor covering in the kid’s room

Kids spend much time on the floor – whether it is to play, to read or to do some homework. Therefore the floor has to be warm, hard-wearing and easy to clean. A high-qualitative carpet which is tested for harmful substances is a very good alternative to laminate and parquet floorings because it spreads a cosier and warmer room feeling, is replaceable and available in many colours.

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